Our specialty boxed ammunition is designed to be the most accurate and consistent ammunition available. We have an extensive testing and development process that focuses on producing safe, reliable ammunition perfect for competitive shooters and weekend enthusiasts alike. We source all of our components directly from the top manufacturers known for consistency. We test every batch of ammunition to ensure the products our customers receive meet the highest standard of performance available.

With the rise of suppressor sales across the industry we seek to produce sub-sonic ammunition in a variety of calibers. We accomplish this by using specialty powders designed to mitigate flash and gas pressure while maintaining consistent velocities and chamber pressures, delivering a round that is not only a pleasure to shoot but also prevents excessive carbon build up in the weapon system. Our sub-sonic ammunition is formulated to perform reliably while maintaining the lowest sound signature possible giving our clients safety and comfort while shooting suppressed.

We specialize in manufacturing ammunition to exact specifications, this combined with our small batch process enables us to provide our clients with tailored ammunition designed for the individual weapon. Using the latest radar and pressure sensor technology combined with time-proven loading techniques we create a tailored load profile specifically for your weapon. This melding of the old and new school produces ammunition with unparalleled performance giving the shooter confidence and peace of mind with every shot. Whether you are looking for a hard to find caliber or simply want to improve the accuracy of your precision weapon, our tailored ammunition is designed just for you.